Every detail of our adventures is considered to create your life changing experience, expansion and education. The instructors, speakers, chef and guides that attend have all been intentionally selected. The date, timing and order of the trip, each day and activity are carefully thought out to carry you down an experiential path of insight and exhilaration.

From the highest quality of food, to the powerful mindfulness and wellness modalities experienced; from the awe inspiring locations we visit, to incorporating the ways of the national people of the lands; and from the weather condition that time of year, to the sounds and colors and music of nature, and culture, we have considered every detail. We have chosen the best of the best of local and international experiences and people to create for you a life altering experience to set you on a new trajectory in life. Our Adventures are not to be missed! Join us. Live Ignited!



Evolve | Kauai

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

The beauty and power of Kauai is awaiting you. You will be treated to nourishing sounds, tastes and experiences to Evolve your body, mind, heart and spirit. We have hand picked an amazing group of hosts, teachers and friends to provide you a unique view into a meaningful and well-lived life. Come cultivate your mana. This inner power will become a guide in your life. You will leave this life changing week inspired and with a clear understanding to living the next evolution of YOU!


Infinite | Alaska

Heli Ski

Imagine fully disconnecting and retreating to the wild for an entire week. Rely solely on nature and prepare to experience infinite possibilities on the Arctic Circle. Join us as we take a breathtaking helicopter ride and drop down into unmatched terrain and ski down the freshly powdered steep mountains of Alaska. Extreme skiing will awaken your mind, body, and spirit as you fall into flow state. Come learn what an infinite life feels like in Alaska.

Eternal Peru.png

Eternal | Peru


Peru is home to many perfect waves. The challenge and joy of riding these waves put us in flow with nature, the universe and our inner compass. How do we give back to the people and the land from which we receive so much? Come join us for a journey from sea to summit and discover how to give back.. Surf epic point breaks. Then journey to the jungle, disconnect from modern life and reconnect to the energy of the eternal that exists within  the Indigenous tribes of the Amazon.


Freedom | Indonesia

Kite Surfing

Straddling the equator between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is the perfect place to find freedom. The warm ocean and perfect conditions provide for an amazing space to experience flow with the waves and our inner selves. In addition to world class kitesurfing, journey with us on an exploration throughout amazingly beautiful natural landscapes. Join us as we find freedom in Indonesia.


Ascend | Joshua Tree

Climb Your Way to the Top of Life

Thinking is our greatest obstacle to peak performance in sport and life. When we are not thinking we can allow life to happen with ease. Come find your flow on and off the rock. Gravity is a constantly grounding force of nature. Let it also be a door into the deep focus and trust you need to live at your best.This is an intentionally curated Adventure offering you amazing teachers, powerful health and wellness modalities, a personal plan for accessing peak performance for life and new lifelong friendships.

Expand Himalayas.png

Expand | Himalayas

Trekking  Adventure

Grab your sleeping bag and hiking boots and join us for a powerful journey trekking across the Himalayas. With over 100 peaks to be explored, this is the perfect open space to expand yourself. Come experience life in the open desert for a couple days then hike over to the scenic jungles with us for the rest of the week. Daily guided mindfulness practices and inspiring lectures from guest speakers will allow for you to take all the lessons nature has taught you back to everyday life. It’s time to expand your life, join us.



Sara S.

"I can't recommend Live Ignited enough! They are highly skilled in teaching you to strengthen the connection to your higher self, so that you can start living the life of your dreams! In my short time with them, I'm already reprogramming my deeply patterned thinking that has been blocking my success. If you want to learn how to be your true authentic and very best self, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Live Ignited’s direct and positively effective approach!"

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