Windy TV

This is my favorite wind site. It looks awesome and gives a ton of data about the wind conditions but also how wind works, And it just looks cool!

Wind Guru Mobile App

I use the app on my phone as it seems to be the only one that accurately forecasts my local favorite kiting spot. But it only goes out a few days.

I love how these guys have the day broken up into 3 hour blocks and how the wind direction is represented by a directional arrow and had reports for individual spots.

I pay for the $10/mo service to get the real time wind info for both surfing and kite surfing. I love the alert features on the phone where you can send the wind directions and speed threshold over which you want to be alerted. Since the wind changes a lot where I ride, I set the alert at a lower wind speed than I go out at so I can know early and start getting my gear ready. I also love the hourly detail for wind speed and gusts in the forecast.




This map shows forecasts out 7.5 days for storms around the world. It has amazing options to see wave heights versus periods and it can be paused or slowed down.

I pay to see the 17 day forecast. I think it's the best service to see the combination of swells with their deep water wave height and wave period component. They show the 4 largest swells in the water and how it changes over the day for all 17 days.

This site is great when you are going to a new surf location and want to get details about it. Most of the data is by users so it's not guaranteed. Be sure to read people's comments for extra info.

I love how these guys have a 1 to 5 star rating for each surf spot, that changes throughout the day; how they have the day broken up into 3 hour blocks and how the swell direction is represented by a directional arrow and has reports for individual spots.

Always nice to get an idea of the water temp before you go on a trip!




Even if you don't ride mammoth, check out howard's updates to get into some serious nitty gritty talk about how snowstorms work and up your forecasting knowledge!

I use this one to check the 30 day Forecast to see what Storms are coming. It won't be super accurate out beyond a week or two but if a storm shows in the forecast, there is a good likelihood a storm is in the future!

This site has a really great long term forecast that goes out a couple weeks. Its also my favorite site to check expected temps for the base and top of mountain as well as winds when leading up to a storm to see how the quality of the powder will be. I find the estimates of the amount of powder per day to be pretty reliable as well.

This is site has an awesome feature of having the day split into AM PM and night so you can see wind, temperature and snowfall etc all for each part of the day in a very extensive 5 day forecast. I like to use it to see how much snow is falling in which part of the day. It also has a lot of other interesting features like a 5 day forecast which shows radar maps for each day and a wind. As well I use the wind icon to see the speed and direction.

When weather reports are conflicting, I check the radar animation here to see what the storm is doing real time. It also has a graph in the forecast with multiple parameters laid out side by side which is pretty awesome.

I love the hourly forecast here and use the % likelihood of precipitation to determine the start and stop time of the heavy snowfall. I also find the 15 day forecast to be accurate. I also like that they have a report for the ski resort which is a different weather pattern than the town most times.




Nipper G.

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