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Stefan Grafstein: How To Get Into Flow State and Achieving Peak Performance

Interviewed and produced by Matt Belair

Founder of Live Ignited and self mastery teacher, Stefan Grafstein drops in to teach us all about flow and peak performance.

– What is flow state and how we can get into it
– Creating the conditions to force “flow”
– The elements of peak performance
– Easiest way to engage flow state and get started
– The importance of understanding our base level life assumptions and programming
– The power of entheogen’s and plant medicines
– Why your words shape your reality





Stefan is an adventure and life guide, entrepreneur, and the founder of Live Ignited. He incorporates the practices of equanimity, breath, balance, awareness, love, and strength of heart and mind into his life and work. His coaching and outdoor adventure, inner awareness programs such as “The Spiritual Teachings of Surfing” facilitate self-discovery, peak performance and fulfillment in all areas of life.

With a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Spiritual Psychology Stefan worked in cognitive neuroscience research at the Salk Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. His time there instilled a strong analytic style in his work, and provided a diverse background of experiences. Curiosity about the nature of the mind, and inspiration of the power of awareness to transform the human psyche. A dedicated yoga practice became an important pillar early in his life’s journey in his battle with health issues.

As well, being born to parents in a world-wide multi-denominational spiritual community fostered in him from a young age, a consciousness of the oneness of all. Stefan believes that every choice made affects the people and the world around us. He gives of his own time and resources in service to benefiting the lives of others and as well, encourages those who surround him in doing the same. He uses these principles as a foundation for facilitating his clients’ inner growth, supporting them in creating their ideal experience in life.

He believes that every challenging situation is an opportunity to transcend, to understand how to access your peak performance, which will support you in attaining your goals and dreams. Having overcome challenges of his own, Stefan’s approach is that all areas of life can be full of ease and grace if desired.



Founder of Live Ignited

I Began Adventuring Around the World in 2001

I have been going on adventure trips since I was a toddler. I began to approach adventure sport as a path of personal growth in 1995 after being advised by my psychiatrist to find healthy risks in life. Surfing became my religion, my therapy, and my medicine. I became a professional class 5 whitewater river guide in 1997. I started leading personal development outdoor programs in 1999. I created a program to bring to schools to teach healthy risk-taking to kids using the Ropes Challenge methodology and also ran a ropes course as a part of a drug and alcohol abuse prevention. I began adventuring around the world in 2001, chasing the best surf and snow conditions. I have since discovered the most amazing locations to experience the beauty and awe of nature and the joy and change it supports through playing with its powerful forces.

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“I deeply resonate with the Live Ignited approach of using nature and adventure as a path towards wisdom, and was exactly what I needed to add into my life. I feel so much more confident in what I do and have been guided towards becoming the man I know I can be.”

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