Flow state is a brilliant and often elusive peak experience in life. We at Live Ignited know it well. Our methodology is partly founded in creating this state for as much of your waking life as possible. We have deconstructed a path to accessing flow state with clear steps to create it in both adventure sport and in life. We are dedicated supporting you to in finding flow as a key part of the journey to live ignited! The following 6 facets fuel the spark that ignites the desire within us to commitment to this experience and ultimately to living life all in.







Nature is the ideal classroom. It inspires awe, humility, and insight. It is where we explore the curiosity and grandeur of the world and reflect on life and ourselves. Awe is the state of total absorption and this complete focus helps to create the state of flow. Humility is required to blend with our environment as well as supports access to flow state. When you're arrogant, you're blocking out novelty, unpredictability, and complexity, all key factors needed to flow. Humility opens us up to receive more information because we are interested in learning and growing and seeing that we don't know everything we need to know. This increases our skill level, our understanding and our dopamine, thereby increasing flow.


Adventure is Experience that ignites us.

Living in the the unknown grows our patience, confidence, and inspiration! Human beings are designed for exploration. When the outcome is predictable because we've done it before, we are interested but not riveted. Uncertainty causes the brain to release dopamine. It is our neurochemical reward for exploration. Research is now proving that high risk adventure improves mental performance. Dopamine heightens attention and pattern recognition, keys to survival and joy! When you don't know what happens next, you pay more attention to what is happening now. This increases focus and Flow. The unknown is possibly the most addictive experience in life and the doorway to peak performance.



Daily practice develops our strength.

Daily practices develop our strength, commitment, awareness and focus. This is sharpening of the blade of our inner warrior. Repeatedly executing successful challenges while experiencing fear producing situations increases confidence across modalities. This is what we teach when we say that finding the flow in adventure and adventure sport makes it easier to find the flow in life. Take risks, do something new, go further than you have before. In committing to a practice of experiencing the discomfort at the edge of your comfort zone, whether in meditating, surfing, or relationship, you will experience great growth. Do it again. And again. And again. This is the practice, the sharpening of you that will develop your character in ways nothing else can.


Nature creates an open, focused and positive mindset.

Nature, adventure, and practice create an open, focused, and positive mindset. This sets the stage for being in flow and a life on fire. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is the place in the brain where self monitoring, our inner critic, and impulse control resides. Research has found that it is suppressed in flow. When the brain is charged with a clear goal, our focus narrows and unimportant thoughts and information is missed. The more we are in flow, the more our brain becomes wired to be focused and to act from our intuitive intelligence rather than think about what to do. The idea that what hasn't yet been done is possible encourages Flow State. Create an open, focused and positive mindset and find your flow!



In Flow, we are full Engaged and present.

In Flow, we are fully engaged, present and tapped into our highest self. We live from our intuitive intelligence. The more we are in flow, the more we develop a deep trust in the unlimited potential of ourselves and life. In flow, what the mind used to think is impossible does not register. We experience a more limitlessness potentiality. When in flow, work is effortless and automatic. The happiest people on the planet have dedicated their lives to having the peak experience, known as flow. Flow state is said to be what makes life worth living!


community is key to creating flow

When we live in flow, we are guided by our intuitive intelligence. And we find that the natural by-product is an intuitive desire to leave a positive impact on others and the world. We are entering a new era. We are moving from individual performance and success and recognition to community flow, performance and success. But its takes engagement by the individuals to create group flow. When one member of group in flow is struggling, another person moves into in flow. Community is key to creating flow. Connect with others, make a meaningful contribution, get into flow and create a life of purpose, meaning, and real success. That makes life worth living!



Ryan S.

"At first I was not sure what to expect at Live Ignited. I soon discovered it was a profound opportunity for engaging self reflection. I found their method and understanding of my situation both thoughtful and informed as well as very helpful. In my line of work stakes are high and I need to perform at my highest levels. Through my experience, I was able to modify not only my ways of thinking but also my ways of being. Change doesn't happen overnight. The experience at Live Ignited shortened the learning curve and presented the opportunity for me to rise to a level intuitively I have always known but was unwilling to truly see."

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