We love what we do and appreciate those we have helped.




Michelle B.

"I have experienced tremendous shifts in thought patterns I have run for years... for life! The process of identifying different parts of our psyches that drive us provides tools to choose what 'voices' we listen to within. The coaches at Live Ignited are fantastic at seeing the best in all and at guiding their clients into a perspective of growth, learning, improvement, and moving ever forward. I cannot recommend them enough."

Dr. Klaus K.

"Live Ignited has amazing guides and coaches. I reflect back on my adventures with them as some of the best, most memorable experiences in my life. I recommend them highly and without reservation."

Kendra S.

"Live Ignited's combination of sports and coaching is a terrific way to make changes, release blocks, and set new goals. Within just a few sessions, I dramatically improved my golf swing and had powerful insights regarding my personal goals! They are terrific supporters and a lot of fun!"

Ryan S.

"At first I was not sure what to expect at Live Ignited. I soon discovered it was a profound opportunity for engaging self reflection. I found their method and understanding of my situation both thoughtful and informed as well as very helpful. In my line of work stakes are high and I need to perform at my highest levels. Through my experience, I was able to modify not only my ways of thinking but also my ways of being. Change doesn't happen overnight. The experience at Live Ignited shortened the learning curve and presented the opportunity for me to rise to a level intuitively I have always known but was unwilling to truly see."

Nipper G.

"Each time I have gone surfing with Stefan, I have always felt safe to be who I am. Not only is he a great instructor on the technical level, the Live Ignited method works with me on a spiritual level. It supports me in working through any blocks that come up during my sessions. As an extra bonus, I get to take what I learn in the water and use it in other aspects of my life. To me it is the best of both worlds, and I highly recommend Live Ignited to anyone!"

Claudia F.

"I highly recommend Live Ignited! The coaches are incredibly present and poignant. They are direct, grounded, and extremely kind - without the frills (which is very refreshing!). The Live Ignited curriculum actively works with you to literally coach you to find your true voice and inner wisdom inside. It helps guide you back to a grounded and centered perspective from which decisions can be made in alignment with your inner wisdom."


“I deeply resonate with the Live Ignited approach of using nature and adventure as a path towards wisdom, and was exactly what I needed to add into my life. I feel so much more confident in what I do and have been guided towards becoming the man I know I can be.”

Alicia S.

"My experience with Live Ignited has opened new possibilities for growth and expansion. It created a space that lovingly motivated me to challenge my own limitations with a sense of safety and inner power. I met the adventurer within me that's wanted to come out and play... so much fun!"

Michaela F.

"Live Ignited's coaching was one of the most positive, self-opening experiences! I cannot recommend their coaching more. Anyone who is hesitant at first will be guaranteed to have a life-changing perspective and confidence in pursuing their dreams. Their coaching genuinely helps on the road of self-discovery and finding the passion in one's life."

Sara S.

"I can't recommend Live Ignited enough! They are highly skilled in teaching you to strengthen the connection to your higher self, so that you can start living the life of your dreams! In my short time with them, I'm already reprogramming my deeply patterned thinking that has been blocking my success. If you want to learn how to be your true authentic and very best self, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Live Ignited’s direct and positively effective approach!"