We want to enjoy the journey to performing at our peak in life.

Our unique path includes adventure sport as one of the pillars to self mastery. Playing with these powerful forces of nature puts us in flow-state, an active mindfulness practice. So we work with dynamic leaders seeking growth, adventure, and fun on the path to create great change in their lives and in the world.




Founder & CEO

Stefan is a life and adventure guide, entrepreneur, and the founder of Live Ignited, a lifestyle brand teaching self mastery through adventure. He also facilitates a practice called relational mindfulness, alongside his partner Renée Caroline, to teach couples how to access mutual understanding and deeper connection. Stefan developed a spiritual practice as well as a dedicated yoga practice early in his life during a battle with health issues. He has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and worked in cognitive neuroscience research before deciding to pursue his passions in the adventure and personal development field. Since 1999, Stefan has been leading retreats and workshops teaching others on how to create more freedom, success and meaning in life.

Somatic Transformation Facilitator

Renee Caroline is a coach and movement analysis specialist focusing in relationship and life transformation. Her unique approach is grounded in real-life solutions founded in authentic relating, depth and somatic psychology and transforming limiting beliefs.

She is the co-founder of Hearts Ignited, which offers retreats and couples coaching for creating limitless love.

When she is not helping others create a life they love, and teaching them to love as big as they can, you will find her on the dance floor getting her flowstate on -- beat by delicious beat.

Global Activist Think Tank & Board Member

Kate Maloney is dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global framework of cultural transformation, ethics, and meaning.

She is the CEO & Producer of RiseUP: The Movie and Movement, featuring business and social change agents such John Mackey and others, including the Dalai Lama, Blake Mycoskie (Founder, TOMS Shoes), Tony Hsieh (Founder, Zappos), Luke Nosek, (Co-Founder, PayPal), Casey Sheehan (former President/CEO, Patagonia), Moby (Grammy Artist), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series), among many others.

Kate holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology. When she isn’t changing the world, you’ll find her recharging in a yoga class, trail running or snowboarding in the Rockies.

Partnerships & Possibility Muse

I am an artist, heart-guided activist, and seeker of adventure. As a 2-time world champion fitness athlete, stunt double, and weight loss and wellness professional for over a decade and a half, I've developed a keen listening for the body's innate wisdom and healing capabilities. I specialize in mentoring athletes, TV personalities, top-level executives, entrepreneurs and high-potentials who want to change the world on how to cultivate healthier, more empowering relationships with their bodies so they can be better role models and leaders.

My heart is most moved by curiosity, meaningful stories and playing barefoot in nature. This has inspired my current passion project which lies nestled in an enchanting Costa Rican mountain town -- empowering its women by teaching them how to upcycle used plastic bags and fishing line harvested from their coastlines and transforming them into ocean-conscious bracelets.


Whether it is through facilitating individuals and groups, writing music for film & tv or performing around the world; creating extraordinary connection, deep intimacy, higher consciousness and transformation is at the heart of it all for Onyay. She loves taking people on deep, inner journeys to explore, discover, liberate and embody their truest selves. Utilizing breath work, meditation and a wide range of modalities, she guides people in releasing subconscious blocks, transforming old stories and healing traumas to harmonize with higher states of consciousness and align with what truly brings them the most fulfillment, joy, love and purpose on all levels.


Meet Our Board of Advisors


Shiva Rea

I am Shiva Rea, yogini and mother, yogadventurer, founder of pranavinyasa & global school for living yoga.  I am passionate about helping people awaken to the untapped energy that is available to us all.

Andy Drish

I'm a serial entrepreneur, writer, and adventurer that helps entrepreneurs access more power and freedom in their lives.

I've built a multi-million dollar company from scratch and have shared the stage with business mavens like Tony Hsieh, Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, and more but I've never lost touch with my roots in Iowa and still love sitting around a bonfire with close friends. Oh, and I love dark chocolate and dance parties.

Kate Maloney

My name is Kate Maloney and I am the Co-chair of the Center for Integral Wisdom, a global activist think tank dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global framework of cultural transformation, ethics, and meaning. 

My personal interests include: Snowboarding, Running, Fitness, Yoga, Outdoor Activities


Meet Our Partners


Co-founder and CEO of barre3

Beginning with her flagship barre3 studio in Portland, Oregon, Sadie created a unique style of whole-health fitness classes committed to mind and body results. Her modern approach offers accessible programs and inspiration for balanced living. Barre3’s worldwide franchise locations and Online Workouts have attracted A-list celebrities, every day parents and major publications such as Fast Company, Self, Nylon, and Entrepreneur.

Today, Sadie is thrilled to lead barre3 while raising her two kids alongside her husband and business partner, Chris.



Rock Climber

The North Face Athlete climber yoga teacher adventure leader climbing guide writer capturing images Owner of: earthplayretreats.com.

Heidi is one of the country’s few prominent female adventure climbers. She has been climbing for over twenty years. Her love for adventure and exploration has been the driving force behind her climbing accomplishments. She enjoys all types of climbing, finding herself high on giant rock walls and frozen waterfalls throughout the world.




Our Adventure-Sport photography is captured by the talented Richard Hallman. Please support him by visiting him on Instagram.



Michelle B.

"I have experienced tremendous shifts in thought patterns I have run for years... for life! The process of identifying different parts of our psyches that drive us provides tools to choose what 'voices' we listen to within. The coaches at Live Ignited are fantastic at seeing the best in all and at guiding their clients into a perspective of growth, learning, improvement, and moving ever forward. I cannot recommend them enough."

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